Saturday, 11 February 2012

This is the good stuff Sodastream + Belvoir cordials

Belvoir cordials are the good stuff that stand head and shoulders above the high fructose corn syrup packed sh*t that passes for fizzy drinks these days. A simple fruit cordial added to cold and fizzy water throughly refreshes after exercise or on a hot day.

The Blackcurrent and Ginger cordials are my own favourites and are often sold out in Asda where racks and racks of sugary "Squashes" remain.

If you live in a soft water area the Sodastream is a great home device for making fizzy water from regular tap water. Available since the 70's and having passed thru a few reinventions this CO2 powered device saves the environment in two ways.
  1. Reusable 1 litre bottles, add the cordial to the drink not the bottle,
  2. Transportation costs. Water is dense, 1Kg per litre moving highland spring water from Scotland is expensive and ungreen and results in water costing 90p a litre
Often seen as a nostalgic memory from the last century the Sodastream and Belvoir cordials now provide a great modern alternative to the mass produced unhealthy rubbish that passes for fizzy drinks these days.

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