Monday, 28 February 2011

What are the four horsemen of the personal Apocalypse 2011 ?

While we were having a chat over an ale of two at the local pub, conversation wandered across fields of doom and gloom. Depression both personal and economic was very much on topic as we looked for an updated set of doomsday indicators signaling the end of days. This is the "Me and instant news" generation; we already see too much of the countrywide doom and devastation predicted in the Bible's book of Revelations.

We are not learned scholars or religious fanatics looking for post doomsday success just looking for a way to relate past wisdom to current modern life. We wanted a more personal and up close set of predictions that foretell the downfall of mankind, which comes one person at a time.

These concepts we propose as the new "Four horsemen of the personal Apocalypse." When there is more than one of these in your life, Doomsday is not far away.

War is now Broken Relationships. Those can be relationships that used to work or relationships that have never worked, except though the lens of obsession or force of violence. Don't confine relationships to just the personal interactions that support families consider the all relationships within the community. Robbery, fraud and even road rage demonstrate broken relationships between self and the community. Love who your with or at least make an effort to get along so everyone wins.

Famine is now Debt and poverty. Debt is one of the chains that binds changed circumstances to poverty. A good job and stable income can be wiped out by illness, relationship breakdown or other unforeseen civil crisis. Insurance and rainy day nest eggs will not always help but the old fashioned values of living within means available will certainly help. Circumstances change, sometimes too fast to understand so be prepared. Favors in the bank are worth as much as spendable cash.

Pestilence is now Addiction to what destroys. There is no shortage of addictions to choose from, gambling, drink, drugs, overeating, shopping and strange sex all make the list of possibilities. All will take wealth, crush joy, overwhelm the lonely and rot communities from the inside out. There is a line between tasting the weird, pushing the boundaries of experimentation and addiction; however the person who can tell if you have crossed that line is not usually you.

Death is the Loss of ambition and loss of drive to develop. Death now starts with the death of the soul, the loss of hope and ambition. Without something to live for, to strive for, life is just downhill till six ft under.

There is help for much of the above, support communities abound in real and virtual life. Getting support requires seeing the need to take the first step or better still, building a kinder self with stronger relationships and fewer vices before the crisis strikes.

Cheers from a somewhat philosophical


Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Smoking - it really is addictive

I used to smoke, not a lot and not often, just enough to enjoy them. At most it was about a pack a week, often when taking the dog out late at night. When the habit started to grow in '06 after a long boring business trip I gave up. Giving up then was aligned with going on holiday. Was grumpy for a few days but the change of location helped detach from the habit.

Since then months would go by between ciggies. Occasionally smoking only when "I am too pissed to know better"; down the pub after a couple of pints of fine english ale.

About 22 days ago I got a pack of 20 and started having one at the end of each day. Not sure why just fancied some. You know in the garden looking at stars and listening to the night sounds of a peaceful neighborhood. mmmmm

Now that was a mistake.

I know what it says on the tin, Smoking Kills. I have seen the health information films full of brown lungs and coughing blood. I know that insurance companies don't give money away and smokers get preferential rates when it comes to annuities ( pay until you die). So there is no excuse but come on, only one a day, what harm could that do ? Well now I know, I have none left and I really really want one. I am not going to get any more; such an ugly habit has to be broken.

Not sure if it was the ceremony or the chemicals that gets you hooked, but hooked I feel. What is spooky about the whole thing is that for the last few days of the packet the certain need for a ciggi was stronger each day and came just a bit earlier each day. I guess that there is just enough chemicals to last 22 hours and kick off the cravings.

I have none left and the nearest shops are shut. If I go hunting for a packet at pub or garage I will know that this is not just a passing fad and the hook is in. Just keep got to keep typing, keep browsing, and burrow into some good TV. I own my destiny and won't be a slave to the chemical works.

Let's see how that goes.

Fashions in personal transport

What the heck is driving the latest fashions in personal transport ? It's all out of scale and broken. Cars are 3 * the necessary size squandering the last 10 years worth of improved engine efficiency with added inertia and useless aerodynamic drag. Even the great modern Mini has gone all bloated and become the countryman.

At the other end of the scale kids don't fit their bikes anymore. Unless peddle axis to seat hight is approximately equal to ankle to bum length, unnatural flexation of the knees occurs. The current fashion seems to be an exaggeration of the BMX style that is useless for anything else than bum-in-the-air peddling and tricks; hopeless as a form of transport.

And what the heck is a Segway for ? In the UK you can't use them on the road and you can't use them on the pavement (sidewalk) - here is a hint don't waste your cash and get a proper bike. Get two bikes mountain and race but for heavens sake don't get a BMX style.

Cheers Gannett