Sunday, 19 June 2011

Bogus technical support, 2011

Do not accept technical support phone calls from people you don't know.

There is a big scam about that involves people being called by fake technical support people. Accepting their advice may result in lost money and lost security of your PC.

The crooks cold-call people at home and claim to be calling from Microsoft or a well-known security firm and offering "free security checks".

See this link for more details of the scam.

Some websites have been behaving in the same way tricking folks into downloading expensive and bogus "Security programs" see for more details see this link.

For good advice on home internet security see books such as this.

Lets be safe out there.


Friday, 17 June 2011

The last resort - Zimbabwe's story from the inside

I have just finished "The last resort" by Douglas Roger. A book about the author's retired parents struggle to hold on to a small bar and lodging business in Zimbabwe. Set during the difficult years after the shine and sanity of independence had disintegrated into rapacious tribal greed and decimating political turmoil.
This book is a great read documenting the true face of how post colonial Africa can go so very very wrong. A human story of courage and determination told from the ground floor of a society with a very broken government.
Read this book and understand just how bad the ordinary working folks of a once prosperous nation were driven into grinding poverty and destitution by a deluded political leader.