Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Whatsapp Spam direct to your mobile and in ur face deception

This single image shows the whole process of Whatsapp spam process. Get a WhatsApp account (free) Load up a load of random or guessed phone numbers into a group. Send a cheesy message and then unload the group. Simples. A pain in the a***e international spam in short order. Cheaper than international SMS and no blowback.

And what is WhatsApp doing about this - nothing I as far as I can tell. 

Who who'll have guessed that a free messaging app would be used for spam ? Where's the president for that ? Just about the last 30 years of internet, Usenet, Email, worms, Viruses, Facebook.


Here is another ugly face of the net - pop up deception right in your face. Triggered from from a random interesting post on Facebook this javascript dialog box locks out your browser.  The use of a deceptive domain name ""  preceded by apple. gives the impression of legitimacy.

Action to take - Force quit Safari then restart Safari holding down Shift to avoid dropping right back into the same issue.  This and other similar scams are discussed on the Apple support forums. domain is a part of nothing to do with