Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Sorry but your email was "brambled".

Ever had a carefully formatted email squashed down to plain text as your colleagues forward it on or replied with follow up ?

You have been "brambled".

Brambled (verb) -
The process by which email has all the formatting combed out, usually when sent via a PDA.

Another i-aarrgh moment brought to you by .. Gannett

Friday, 17 October 2008

Office communiator gone East


Ever had done of those really long days at the office when every things comes at you all at once ? Email, phone ( desk ), messenger pings, Phone (mobile ) Well that is exactally when this bug will byte ya.

As you type furiously away in messenger, you'r slightly distracted then Wham, your typeing Chinese ( simplfied ) or Koren.

It looks a bit like this ...

There are no settings in messenger to fix this.
Restarting messenger won't fix this. A reboot will reset this but like I said your having a busy day and there is no time for a reboot. As far as I can tell there is some wierd key combo or bug that switches your input languge.

Here's how to fix it ..
In Win XP
Start -> Settings -> Control Panel -> Regional and language options [ Languages ]
In the [ Settings ] tab

Use remove button to remove unneeded language options such as the Korean one ...

Another i-aarrgh moment brought to you by .. Gannett