Saturday, 26 July 2014

Fundraising for Alzheimer's Research UK

Check out my fund raising page for Altzheimer's Research UK. I am doing one road and off-road cycling event this year.

Thanks to :

for event support at Two Moors 100 and supplying all the great bits for the  bikes.

UPDATE: The 2Moors100 is done now, just the Exmoor Explorer to go. Up to just over half way to the fund-raising target. You support for this vital medical research is much appreciated.

Friday, 18 July 2014

Local wildlife in July.

Some random local wildlife seen just this week. A Muntjac on the Reading Lower Early bypass, a slowworm down the end of the dog walking road and a toad trying to get into the beer cellar.  Not quite in the same league as Hluhluwe.

Monday, 7 July 2014

On the Oliver Cromwell with Steam Dreams

Had a great day out on the Oliver Cromwell with Steam Dreams 5th July 2014. From Horsham to Canterbury and back by steam power and vintage diesel.  We did not do the advertised return route thanks to a last minute change by Network Rail and returned a bit faster than expected. The staff were attentive and the Pullman service food very tasty.  Long gone are the days of British Rail cheese sandwiches on this train. 

The sound, smell, heat and noise of a live steam train just has to be experienced up close.

Parham House in Pullbrough, West Sussex

Spent a lovely afternoon at Parham house in West Sussex.

From the friendly greeting as we drove from the deer park into the car park, to the tea and home made cakes in the cafe this was just about a perfect visit to an English country house as you can have.

Morrisons Maths Fail - Small box cheeper than big box

This is one of those annoying "Small box is cheeper than big box" special offers.  Dated 7th July 2014 at Morrisons the shelves have no indication of the special offer just big boxes of Cheerios at 53.2p per 100g and small boxes at 33p per 100g.

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

In the Garden

A couple of unrelated gardening matters, about an innovation in tomato growing and a tree bug.

Firstly a tomato growing gadget that fits into a grow bag to promote growth and better watering uptake. It's called a Growpot and seems make a difference.  Looking at the tom plans, all planted at the same time those using the gadget seem to have better growth and density of foliage. Will report back on how the cropping goes.

The tree in the garden, some sort of ornamental cherry, had it's usual good start to he season with a fab blossom display. As usual the blossom only lasts a week or so but puts on a good show.

Now the leaves are all established I see that the ends are a bit curled and damaged. Having a hunt in the foliage this little bug was found. Looks like a Shield bug possibly a red legged shield bug like one of these.  According to the description 
"Adults are partly predatory, feeding on caterpillars and other insects as well as fruits."
 it is just as likely to be feeding on the critters as causing the problem. Not too worried as on previous years the leaves have been full of holes but overall the tree survives.