Friday, 17 October 2008

Office communiator gone East


Ever had done of those really long days at the office when every things comes at you all at once ? Email, phone ( desk ), messenger pings, Phone (mobile ) Well that is exactally when this bug will byte ya.

As you type furiously away in messenger, you'r slightly distracted then Wham, your typeing Chinese ( simplfied ) or Koren.

It looks a bit like this ...

There are no settings in messenger to fix this.
Restarting messenger won't fix this. A reboot will reset this but like I said your having a busy day and there is no time for a reboot. As far as I can tell there is some wierd key combo or bug that switches your input languge.

Here's how to fix it ..
In Win XP
Start -> Settings -> Control Panel -> Regional and language options [ Languages ]
In the [ Settings ] tab

Use remove button to remove unneeded language options such as the Korean one ...

Another i-aarrgh moment brought to you by .. Gannett

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