Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Fashions in personal transport

What the heck is driving the latest fashions in personal transport ? It's all out of scale and broken. Cars are 3 * the necessary size squandering the last 10 years worth of improved engine efficiency with added inertia and useless aerodynamic drag. Even the great modern Mini has gone all bloated and become the countryman.

At the other end of the scale kids don't fit their bikes anymore. Unless peddle axis to seat hight is approximately equal to ankle to bum length, unnatural flexation of the knees occurs. The current fashion seems to be an exaggeration of the BMX style that is useless for anything else than bum-in-the-air peddling and tricks; hopeless as a form of transport.

And what the heck is a Segway for ? In the UK you can't use them on the road and you can't use them on the pavement (sidewalk) - here is a hint don't waste your cash and get a proper bike. Get two bikes mountain and race but for heavens sake don't get a BMX style.

Cheers Gannett

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