Sunday, 12 February 2012

Lots of bits to do this weekend to fix up the digital lifestyle

This weekend was a getting things done weekend. After some time abroad ( see below ) a list of stuff has accumulated. Most of the tasks were in the category of maintaining the families digital life style. Here is the list and notes for those struggling with gadgets and gizmos.


Products Involved



Create a Ringtone for a iPhone

Windows 7, Iphone 4s.

Some phones can play .MP3 files as a ringstone directly so making a ringtone can achieved just by moving the your favourite tune to the phone and selecting the file inside the device. iPhones like to have their ringtone provided to them by iTunes. To transform a track into a ringtone proceed according to the instruction on the link to the right.

Buy some euros

Lloyds banking website

This was an easy one. Login to the website and order the Euros using the travel money menu entry. Lloyds will send by special delivery or you can collect from a local branch.

Move Photos from iPhone to PC

Windows 7, Iphone 4s

This task was rightly easy, just connect the iPhone to the PC and quit iTunes. When offered the "open device as "open as folder and files". The pictures can be found just down one folder from the top of the device as seen in the folders menu.

Get a new phone for other half.

HTC ChaCha

There is just so much choice in the non-iphone market. The specifications were long standby time ( over 10 days), keep the PAYG contract, transfer existing number and accumulated credit, touchscreen, qwerty keyboard. Working all these angles resulted in staying with Orange and laying out a few quid for the HTC ChaCha.

Look for a new house

Google maps and street view

House hunting is a mix of excitement of anticipation and the drudgery of estate agent websites. Figuring out the must haves and the mustn't haves alongside the limitation of budget and location. Location is everything and Google maps, earth and street view really adds a whole new dimension to the property assessment process. A bit of Googling helps assess an area before doing that vital drive-by. Not found the next place yet. For us we are looking for, walking distance to shop, garden big enough for a couple of dogs (and a pond), cul-de-sac. Also need enough space for work at home study, guest room, kitchen with an island in middle.

And on the list for next week find a better .html editor :-)

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