Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Malty goodness

It's all Franklyn fault that I enjoy the occasional dram of scotch especially a fine Scotch malt whisky. After a spicy, fine curry late one evening we sampled a few from his collection.

Beginners general guide to scotch and malt Whisky in particular is available here.
Descriptions of scotch production areas are here.
The area and distillery having a dominant impact on the flavour and nature of the final drink.

My own personal favorites being the peaty Islay produced Ardbeg and Laphroaig. Of the others, of which there are many , I enjoy the occasional highland Dalwhinnie.

There are long traditions, history and quite a few myths about Scotch and fine whisky. Exploring a few to find what you like and how you like to savour the flavours is one of lifes delights. Mines a Laphroaig Quater cask with a single (no more) ice cube, allowed to melt, then savoured at leisure.



PS: Times not to enjoy malty goodness .. Breakfast, just before school sports day, when motor racing, rock climbing, when being captain of a cruse ship or at a job interview.

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