Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Apple peelings for 29 Feb 2012

On this special day when the real date and the celestial dates are reconciled a couple of Apple peelings come to mind.

Apple stock price goes well over $520 and hits another peek. I have made a bit of £$ on Apple stock over the years, and probably should have held for longer. With the iPad3 poised for launch now is bound to be a volatile period. I have always thought that playing the stock market is like betting on horses except that you can choose when the race starts and finishes.

Was in the local Apple store just now to get the other half's Mac Book Air repaired under warranty. The trackpad has lost it's click and the touch to click mode is rather tiresome. The MBA is only a few months old but was repaired soon enough by the Apple Genius behind the bar. Am considering getting the extended warranty for my MBPro as that is an expensive beast to repair. My experience with Apple hardware over the years IISi -> Q650 -> G3 -> G5 has been good but when push comes to shove electronics are just electronics and do burn out unexpectedly.

Whist waiting at the Genius bar a lady came in requesting service on a iPhone that was dead. The tech checked the records and noted that the iPhone has been reported stolen. Service was declined. This is a good thing. Before yours gets stolen or lost read this article. After your phone gets stolen or lost please report for deactivation via an app or phone carrier. The more the ThievingUnderClass (tm) learns that shiny tech is only valuable to those that own it the better for all of us.

Still feeling the love for TimeMachine backup service. Moving whole environment between hard drive and SSD was a breeze. Time machine even rescued my extensive book mark list after I toasted it using Plist editor. Welcome back ~/library/Safari/Bookmarks.plist.

And finally a couple of wonky screenshots both genuine and not pShopped at all. One a customisation of application fail and the other generated by empty the trash on a remote server.

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