Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Major environmental fail.

Roast a panda, skin a leopard, eat some koalas and sleep on a pillow of monarch butterfly wings because they will all go the same way as the uber cool Pangolin.  Pangolin is cute critter, not unlike an armadillo, grows slowly and live in the delicate forest undergrowth doing nothing in particular.  If the world can't look after this really basic species there is no hope for the headline conservation effort for tiger, elephant and panda.

Endangered Pangolin
image credit: Tim Hudson and Kamal Mistry

Major fail recently, the chinese captain of a boat crashed into a Uneso-designated World Heritage coral reef site on Palawan island in the Philippines. If that's not bad enough in the boats hold had thousands of illegally killed pangolins.  Pillaged from the forests of asia to satisfy the corrupt and broken desires of ineffective "traditional" medicine this little cutie will soon be gone forever.  It's cousins on the Chinese mainland have all but gone already and other sub-specisis will soon follow.

Trade in these darlings has been world wide banned for over 10 years and yet still the slaughter continues. Got run up the trading tree and exposing the facilitators of this exploitative trade, the trappers, shippers, movers, sellers. Going to do this by supporting Traffic in their good works.



Gannett said...

More animal parts smuggling (bear parts this time) discovered here :

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