Thursday, 25 April 2013

A special place in hell for .... James McCormick

I am not a particularly religious person with mild beliefs in that area but if I believe in anything it's the principle of "do as you would be done by." The reinforcers for that principal are not always obvious but what I really hope, and pray for, is that there is a special place in the hell fires of damnation reserved for those that betray the deepest trust of others.  Abusers that recognise the trust and belief of others and deviously manipulate and betray that trust are truly evil.  That hotspot in Hell is going to be a crowded place but there is plenty of room for the groping priests and dictators that take people over and past the edge of ruin. Mugube and Kim Yun-un you have your places booked in the fine company of Hitler, Pol Pot and Bernie Madoff.

Those bad boys are going to have to move over and make room for the new boy who most certainly will, in gods own time, be joining that pantheon of shame.  Introducing James McCormick a criminal fraudster whose actions beggars belief. He used bribery and corruption to sell fake bomb detectors for use by police and soldiers in Iraq.  Put yourself for just one minute in the place of the guard at the checkpoint with a duty of protection who's only tool can at best be described as a 100% placebo.  Trust is burnt, obligation of care and duty to society is literally blown away for the enrichment of some shithead thousands of miles away.  Yes, there will be other facilitators along the way that share the blame and shame for this despicable crime. Passing off a novelty golf ball detector, which did not even work for that minor function, as a serious public protection instrument is a staggering act of betrayal and corruption.

A whistleblower told the BBC Newsnight program that he had confronted McCormick, saying he did not want to be any part of the business if the devices did not work. McCormick is said to have responded: "It does exactly what it's designed to. It makes money." During his fraud trial, the court was told the detectors, which cost up to $40,000 (£27,000) each, were completely ineffectual and lacked any grounding in science.

Fake bomb detector

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The defence, recognise the principles behind how things work, be just a little bit skeptical and really research and understand what is going on.

Follow-up:  The wheels of justice roll slowly and we see that Mr. McCormick is sentenced to 10 Years in jail for fraud. To be fair that should be 10 years in jail in each of the countries the device was sold in.


Gannett said...

More people going to jail for this hideous fraud.

Driven by bribery and kickbacks the sale of useless equipment to government departments directly steal money and resources from everyone. In this case fake detectors contributed to death and mayhem in some of the most troubled parts of the world.

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