Friday, 8 June 2012

Retail fail - Homebase schoolboy errors

DIY is supposed to be straight forward and easy for the average chap to achieve. Swapping some outside lights is one of those tasks. The wiring is in place so a simple substitution should be possible.  Not so simple if you get this product from Homebase.

This PIR (motion) activated low energy bulb fitting in a plastic casing. Sold at a reasonable £20.  Included in the box are instructions ( Ref INS-OD0035-B) for the wiring, Neutral Earth and Live N, E, L.

Unfortunately not matched by the connections in the fitting that are L1, N, L with a separate Earthing post on the reflector. FAIL.

See that mention in the instructions of the two adjusters on the base of the unit, one for "Dusk" and the other for "Time". Nowhere on the device or in the referenced diagram 4 is there and indication of which adjuster is which. FAIL.

Come on Homebase these are schoolboy retail errors that should be caught well before product get on the shelf.


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