Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Inovation in everything

Inovation in everything is the driver of growth. Take a couple of items as simple as as a comb and brush.  

The comb is a Ferminator de-shedding tool used to remove the excess hair from dogs and cats.  We have a hairy dog and he sheds and moults and loses inch long back hairs at an amazing rate.  We even have a house phrase "Everything tastes better with Griff hair in it." because they just get everywhere.  The Ferminator, applied once or twice a week, removes large handfuls of hair each and every time. Griff still sheds hair just not so much of it gets in the house.  Normal brushing has been tried, and sure he looks better afterwards, but for effective hair reduction this is the tool of choice. 

The brush is a wire brush with the handle of a surface plane. Used for removing rust and flaky paint from all sorts of surfaces this brush really nails the function. Easy to hold and manoeuvre this brush is perfect for cleaning some decking planks this weekend.

The innovation here (which I admire) is to take a simple function, see how it's done now and improve it. Each tool has a patent number, lets hope that protection delivers value to the inventor that had the insight to make a new twist on the simple ideas of a brush and comb.

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