Friday, 18 May 2012

What's brewing at the Country life brewery ?

Devonshire 10'der'
10 % - the new ale from
Country Life Brewery. At
10% this is the strongest
ale in North Devon. A dark
barley wine style made with
Devon malt, UK hops and
a special yeast imported
from the U.S.A. Available
in bottles and a limited
number of casks.

As the name implies, Golden Pig
4.7% is a full bodied and
smooth tasting ale; it was the
first brewed and still remains
the favourite among many a real
ale drinker. Crystal and wheat
malts are both used in the mash,
with the Challenger being the
main hop which gives this ale its
distintive taste.

Black Boar 5%, the dark ruby
red porter, is brewed using Maris
Otter and Black Malt. With a mix
of Fuggles and Golding Hops,
this gives a very easy drinking
dark beer to be enjoyed at any
time of year. 'Smooth and

Bumpkin 6% is dark and has a 
slightly malty ease. Not sweet
as other beers in the strength
band, it is a great beer for the 
winter months or for drinkers
who enjoy their beer with a 
serious punch.

Old Appledore Ale 3.7%
Is a classic session beer. This is
the most popular beer produced
by Country Life Brewery; it has a
real depth of taste and character
without being too strong. Marris
Otter and roasted malts combine
with Fuggles and Goldings hops
to give Old Appledore a taste to be
enjoyed at any time of day.

Copper in colour, Lacey's 4.2%
ale Is made from Marris Otter and
roasted malt with Challenger hops
giving this popular beer a gentle
sweet malty taste without being
too strong.

Pot Wallop 4.4% is a very light
coloured beer brewed for a local
festival. Jt was so popular we had
no choice but to include it in our
regular range. A favourite with the
younger drinker and in the warm
summer months as it is a very light
refreshing ale.

Buy Direct
Visit the brewery and shop - open daily
No Entry charge to visit the brewery shop

Take hope ales
2-pint Cartons
500ml Bottles
10 Litre Minipins (18 Pints)
20 Liter polypins (36 Pints)
9 Gallon Firkins (72 Pints)

Outside bars available
Weddings, Birthdays, Festivals
100 - 10,000 People

Bar Hire
We set up - you do the rest

We are based at the big sheep
North Devon's No.1 tourist attraction
Come and stay for the day !

Country Life Brewery
The Big Sheep
EX39 5AP

Phone +44 (0) 1237 420808
Bideford, North Devon. UK

Some of the favourite brews of Gannett.

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