Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Easy Philosophy for the business school generation

Sometimes ideas just strike a cord. Often those ideas are things you kind of know and understand but the way they are described makes the concept resonate and appear as if for the first time.  It's quite a gift to be able to present ideas in this way with clarity, precision without resorting to greeting card schmaltz.

One person currently blogging for Forbes that seems to capture this style is Jesica Hagy. She uses a simple business graph or diagram to really capture the essence of a philosophical idea. Here is one such graphic that completely captures the idea of how much burning passion is welcome on any subject you choose. Known as the "Goldilocks factor" you can apply this to religion, politics, recycling or even expressing keenness for the wonderful taste of Marmite.

She has lots more concepts collected in series such as "Nine Dangerous things you we taught at school" and "Six enemies of greatness (and happiness)". Really worth a read and maybe even a close study.

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