Saturday, 7 August 2010

FGW Live by the fine book, die by the fine book.

I hate companies that fine and charge the public for transgressions of there rules but will not pay a fine when they break there own rules. These companies are hypocritical s**ts.

For example ...

I am trying to charge FGW (First Great Western) a penalty notice because the ticket machine sold me the wrong ticket for a journey.

The ticket machines do not offer the cheapest available fare for any given journey. They do not apply group discounts even when you buy three identical tickets at the same time for the same day of travel. Nowhere on either the website or by the machine do they state that "cheaper tickets" may be available at the manual ticket window.

I think it is only fair that when FGW sells you the wrong ticket that they should pay a fine and refund the difference between the paid and actual cost. They are quick enough to fine passengers caught with the wrong tickets so live by the fine book die by the fine book.


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Gannett said...

Turns out that FGW followed my logic on this one. £32 in rail vouchers arrived in the post today.