Monday, 5 July 2010

IT makes you go AAARRGH

Lets face it, IT can really make you go bonkers. There are just so many ways that your PC can screw you over. Here are just a few :

  • Monday morning snooze fest - reboot at the start of the week or month and every bit of AV and configuration control software forgets it's history.
  • 1/2 started hang - the march of icons hangs, the problem is the next icon that has not appeared yet how does that help diagnosing the problem ?
  • Scan mania - searchIndexer, AVscans, Google desktop, system configuration checkers; why is that they all want to scan the machine at the same time ?
  • Backup of death - you just want to save your data but the very process of copying the data makes the machine unavailable for normal use.
  • Flash past options during the boot cycle - Please choose between booting on a) windows b) something sensible .... opps too late snooze you loose, no time to wait the damm thing just boots what it whats to.
  • Legacy applications that break after OS upgrades.
  • Legacy websites that break after browsers upgrades.
  • Poor websites that only work in certain browsers for no good reason.
  • Predictability of restart - every one needs to reboot once in a while, why is the process so unpredictable ending up with random sets of services and process running.
  • Upgrade leap frogs - Reinstall an application, an auto update is suggested, update the application, an auto update is suggested, rinse and repeat. Acrobat reader did that every step from 10.0.2 all the way up to 10.14.
Damm that IT that makes you go AAARRRGH.

The only antidote to this madness is of course the "It Crowd" now available on box set at Amazon. :-)



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