Sunday, 30 December 2007

Student/Leaner driver agreement


I am helping out a teenager to learn to drive. They are having professional lessons, so this is just practice time. However this can be a stressful and fraught time for both helper and student. After a few sessions I decided to form this agreement to help reset the right expectations .... Lets see how this goes

Student driver agreement

I the undersigned student driver agree the following :

1) When I am driving and parking, I will be in complete control of the car at all times and I am responsible for road positioning, speed, direction, lighting and engine control.

2) Guidance, hints, tips and advice are NOT personal criticism and will be received in a accepting and positive manner.

3) The actions of others are not in my control but how I react to the actions of others are fully my responsibility. I will try to anticipate situations but will always be ready to react to the unexpected.

4) Anger, impatience, stress and annoyance have no place in my vehicle or mind. My positive attitude and relaxed but alert state of mind are an important factors for driving success.

6*) I acknowledge that these are the most common mistakes that new, and particularly, young drivers make:
• Not slowing down in complex road situations
• Not looking around or using mirrors enough
• Overconfidence
So I will always be ready to listen for guidance on these and any other driving matters.

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