Wednesday, 5 December 2007

A couple of signs you are getting old ..

Its true I had a couple of signs recently that age is crawling on :

Firstly a favorite film "Blade Runner" now has a twenty fifth anniversary edition. Woh hang on a minute, I saw Blade Runner when it came out in '82 it really can't be 25 years since then. I saw a promo reel at an Easter convention back then and went with a crowd of to see it the week it came out. Great then and even better now a film that really moved on the genre.

Secondly you know when your getting old when you get new techno from your kids. litt'n got a new phone when they upgraded to a new contract with twice the minutes and texts ( hopefully not 1/2 the coverage) for the same monthly cost. I get the hand-me-down a deep red and rather smooth Motorola Pbel. That's an upgrade for me, so much better than my 5+ year old basic Nokia from work. I have to say that T-Mobile were OK about providing phone number port code and subsidy code to unlock the Pebl. If it doesn't work out with the new provider we will be back. I also got the knackered Ipod mini for use in the car via direct hook up. Great for Audible books and podcasts on long journeys. I guess that's what goes around cause I bought and set up the old man's PC back in 2001. He still has it Win98, dial up modem and all. Going to have to do something bout that soon.



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Gannett said...

For Sure and now I saw that one of the bleeding edge machines that I worked on just showed up in a
as a historical exhibits.