Sunday, 8 April 2018

Sylva Autokits Jester, Phoenix, Stylus articles.

I was clearing out some space and came across a box of kit car magazines from the '90. Pulled the Sylva auto kits related materials, articles and adverts presented here.  Of course all the factory addresses are long out of date.

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Sylva_KCI_Jester.pdf2018-04-08 08:30 3.5M
Sylva_KCI_Phoenix.pdf2018-04-08 08:30 1.2M
Sylva_KCI_Stylus.pdf2018-04-08 08:30 4.1M
Sylva_KCI_article.pdf2018-04-08 08:30 216K
Sylva_WK_Fury.pdf2018-04-08 08:30 3.6M
Sylva_WK_Jester.pdf2018-04-08 08:30 1.2M
Sylva_WK_Jester Buil..>2018-04-08 08:30 1.8M
Sylva_WK_Phoenix.pdf2018-04-08 08:30 6.5M
Sylva_WK_Stylus.pdf2018-04-08 08:30 2.9M


 General Article Kit car international

 Sylva Phoenix Which Kit

 Sylva Phoenix Kit car international

 Sylva Stylus Kit car international

 Sylva Stylus Which Kit

 Sylva Fury Which Kit


Sylva Jester Which kit
 Sylva Jester Which kit

Adverts ( Phone and address and owners probably all out of date now )

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