Friday, 28 July 2017

Where are the new posts on this blog ?

I fell into the time swamp that is Facebook. It's not my fault, my other half and darling daughter went there first and sort of dragged me over. I have to say that it is an interesting place to be. Lots of special interest groups, for cars and bikes, and local community forums. FB has selling places and campaigning groups as well as the plugged in messenger service. Facebook is not all cream and roses   the wider public assemble there and not all folks have the same levels of considerations for others. I can see that having a wide range of friends, that are not just an echo chamber, is important to ensure there is someone to banter with.

A profile is a view of a person but not all of that person. What they share is mostly what they see and resonate with but is not necessarily the whole of their thinking.  There are self-enforcing ill-informed memes with ugly message that need challenging but having a spat fight with every single picture circulated is just pissing into the wind. What can be clearly seen from most profiles is that many more folks are media consumers than creators.

The transient nature of FB feeds loses the good stuff far quicker than a self created blogs so I will be continuing to extend this blog once in a while with the random scribblings that I enjoy.

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