Tuesday, 10 March 2015

BT Openreach - Fails to provide phones lines to new houses in over 9 months.

Today yet another email from BT Openreach arrived with confirmation of yet another failed connection date at Torridge View new house site in Bideford EX39 4HH.

After BBC Watchdog castigated BT Openreach  for long delays connecting new housing developments back in November 2014 I contacted Openreach directly to track when the installation date was set.  We really hoped things would change as the site had already been waiting for connection for at least 4 months by that time.

After some delay the reply came….

> we expect to have all of our work completed at that development and to be able to provide your site with service by 16/02/15. 

On 19th January this changed to ...

>provide your site with service by 04/02/2015. 

be able to provide your site with service by 18/02/2015.

>provide your site with service has changed and is now 10/03/2015
then today ….

>provide your site with service has changed and is now 19/05/2015.

Broken promise after broken promise.

This repeated failures to stick to connection dates and deliver a basic service is both annoying and exceptionally poor service for the residents of the site.  It has been mentioned that some of the houses have been provided with temporary lines but this fails to address the core problem of lack of site connectivity. The length of delay at over 8 months was previously enough to cause Watchdog to run a report and yet this length of delay continues. 

Having a moan on behalf of a couple of residents on the site. We will be asking for free line rental for the same duration as the delay in installation.

This failure has already made the local paper back in October 2014 to little apparent effect.

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Gannett said...

At the end of June finally got confirmation that one of the houses involved with the appalling service above had got a phone line and internet connection. September -> June - just about 9 months to get phone line in modern Britain.

Openreach - shame on you.