Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Thrust SSC write up in Cray Channels from 1997

I am a big fan of the 1997 Thrust SSC project and the current BloodHound SSC project. For the sheer engineering daring and boldness of ambition. For the mission to promote engineering and science as a profession and push back the frontiers of the possible.

Here is the 1997 write up of the aerodynamic study done on a Cray C92 at the time. 

Link to write up here.pdf

Link to Facebook page of Bloodhound SSC project here .  Yes I know Facebook was only founded 5 years after Thrust SSC grabbed the land speed record.

And what does a Cray C92 look like ?

Available in Air or water cooling , 2 .. 4 CPUs with 32 .. 128 M Words of fast  64bit Bi-polar memory.  Peek speed 4 Gflops. Also available with optional Solid State Storage device (up to 32 Gbytes) and massively parallel co-processor.

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