Thursday, 14 November 2013

Broken in Mavericks - scanning with HP scanners

Scanning in OSX Mavericks using HP scanners and all-in one printers has taken a turn for the worse after the install of Mavericks.

Main symptoms is that it all looks like it is working but the saved image comes out as black (or white) with horizontal lines on.

Hopefully the really anoying 1% power drain caused by the  HPScanJet manager button monitoring process will also be fixed.  As the scanner is only plugged in when I need to scan why TF would a scanner specific process be active when there is no scanner attached ?

Some folks have worked around using Preview or Image capture but some models of scanner are not supported by those applications. However other workarounds using the

HP Scan -> scan to print -> Save print as PDF
Using Adobe Acrobat full version -> Create PDF from scanner then Save image as JPG.

Software updates are being made available by HP in batches of scanner types. Check out here for new software for your scanner.

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