Sunday, 13 January 2013

A £4 toothbrush - Really ?

Times are tough, so it was interesting to see at the local supermarket that Colgate are actually trying to sell a £4 toothbrush. That's $6.5 in USA money an outrageously unnecessarily high price for a piece of plastic with some bristles. For goodness sake the Nasa astronauts only spend $3 on tooth brushes to repair and save the international space station.

There it is on the top right row of this photo, a "Colgate 360 Surround toothbrush", single brush for £4 next to the similar one for £3.98.  Looking at the other tooth brushes on sale we can see a range from the basics range 18p (twin pack) through the 67p four pack and the starting to get a bit spendy Aquafresh twin pack for £1.25.  Seriously is any  toothbrush worth 44 times more than the cheapest alternative ?

Teeth are important and dentistry has made big strides in keeping our knashers in good order but expecting that price for a toothbrush, that is not going to last more than a couple of weeks, is taking the michel.  Keep those chompers in good shape with this advice.

In typical supermarket psycho sellmore style, the most expensive brushes are on the shelves easy to reach at just lower than eye level. The cheaper generic and other reasonable brand alternatives are found on the lower shelves slightly to the left right near by.

For some products paying 44 times the lowest price really gets something special.  The Dacia Sander costs about £ 6000. You can pay 44 times that price ( £250,000) and get a Ferrari 458 ( second hand on ). But really, can you afford to be buying a Ferrari just for your teeth ?

Dacia Sander £6000 aprox

Ferrari 458 £250,000

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