Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Right reason, wrong thing - Rhododendron

Sometime people do the wrong thing for the right reason. Like sending on a "virus" warning to all the people in your address book that arrived from the internet friend that sends you LOLcat pictures and smutty jokes. Come on people put the phrases into goggle and see the scam/hoax warnings.

Another right reason, wrong thing, I saw when out walking the dog today, was a planting of invasive, non-native Rhododendron in a public open space. The open space is owned by the National trust. That would be the same Rhododendron that Dorset wildlife Trust that spent 50 years removing from Brownsea Island. Planting a tree in memory of a departed loved one is usually right reason, right thing, but a Rhododendron from the garden centre is a disease spreading weed that is just cheap and wrong.

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judetrup said...

We have similar problems here with oriental bittersweet and Japanese barberry. The bittersweet smothers native plants and the barberry raises the pH of the soil so native plants can't thrive.