Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Shape Shifter Plagues Karoo Town - From Local South African News paper -

From "The Mercury (Independent newspaper of KwaZulu Natal) published Tuesday , April 26, 2011

Shape-shifter plagues Karoo town

A "MONSTER" plaguing the sleepy Karoo town of Steytierville struck again over the Easter weekend, Eastern Cape police said yesterday. Another two sightings of the "shape-shifting creature" were reported· on Sunday evening, said Warrant Officer Zandisile Nelani. "Two men were walking near a tavern when they saw a man wearing a black jacket. One of the men, identified only as Nozipho, went up to the stranger and asked him, "What is your problem?," said Nelani.

When the stranger did not respond, Nozipho went closer and saw that the man had no head. The man then turned into a dog that was "very angry" and "as big as a cow", Nelani said. He said that as they ran away, the monster allegedly turned on another group of people in the same road. "They said it turned into a big monkey, and then it was' gone," Nelani said. Last week police were told by residents that the monster changed shape while one looked at it. One man had reported that it changed from a man wearing a suit into a pig and then into a bat.

There had also been rumours that it could fly. Previously, it had only been seen near the church. It had even been seen peering through the windows during a service, but had vanished by the time the congregation went outside. Nelani said that the community had dubbed the monster "Bawokozi", meaning "brother-in-law". "It is a very strange thing happening in Steytierville, but no one has been hurt by it," Nelani said. - Sapa .


I think the clue is in the Phrase " "Two men were walking near a tavern when ... "



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