Wednesday, 13 October 2010

The collected stories of Theodore Sturgeon are complete

September 28th 2012 : Finally the collected (short) stories of Theodore Sturgeon are complete. For the last 16 years arriving slowly have been the volumes comprising this opus of this genius of fantastic fiction.

Volume One: The Ultimate Egoist (1994), Ray Bradbury, Arthur C. Clarke, Gene Wolfe
Volume Two: Microcosmic God (1995), Samuel R. Delany
Volume Three: Killdozer! (1996), Robert Silverberg, Robert A. Heinlein
Volume Four: Thunder and Roses (1997), James Gunn
Volume Five: The Perfect Host (1998), Larry McCaffery
Volume Six: Baby is Three (1999), David Crosby
Volume Seven: A Saucer of Loneliness (2000), Kurt Vonnegut
Volume Eight: Bright Segment (2002), William Tenn (Phil Klass)
Volume Nine: And Now the News ... (2003), David G. Hartwell
Volume Ten: The Man Who Lost the Sea (2005), Jonathan Lethem
Volume Eleven: The Nail and the Oracle (2007), Harlan Ellison
Volume Twelve: Slow Sculpture (2009), Connie Willis, Spider Robinson
Volume Thirteen: Case and the Dreamer (2010), Peter S. Beagle, Debbie Notkin, Paul Williams

Love them.

And here is a useful reference document showing the covers, story listings and index all published by North Atlantic books.

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