Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Credit crunch alternatives

Cash is tight the economy is in the crapper so everyone is looking to save some cash. Lets look at some econo versions of popular ways to spend money.

TV tax. In the Uk your paying GBP 156 per year just to have a TV set and with that comes all the BBC channels and radio for free. So why pay another GBP 50 every month to get an advert laden set of repeats and dodgy US sitcoms ? Go for Freesat or Freeview and pay nothing more. Theres is HD for the big panel ( before the bailiff takes it ), and nothing more to pay. At GBP 50 a month savings will pay of that TV by next Xmas.

Good looking Fish. Just how much does that tank of fishes cost every day. There is the heat, the pump and the chems for the water tests. They needs replacing when they croak, and don't say that doesn't happen way more than you wished. All those medicine, special foods and plants will empty the bank. Get some gold fish they will use the same infrastructure but don't need heating in the house and will get by on a changed bucket of tap water ( with just a drip or two of tapesafe) now and again. They are colorful, active an just once in a while line up like chorus girls.

Great Malt A good quality dram and be froun from GBP 25 to GBP 2500 but these days cheaper sippings are in order. For just about GBP 16 there is a range of singles ( Speyside, Isley, Highland ) that can be bought from Morrsions supermarket. Believe me after a couple only the snobs can tell the difference, and a blind tasting will fool them most times..

Pension pot Dont' keep those insurance cats fat when the house is on the line. A paid for shack will keep you warmer in old age than any amount of paper junk bonds.

Cheep media entertainment The council Library, the library of friends and ebay will have better offers than Amazon. A books lasts longer too.

Keep trim out there.


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