Thursday, 18 December 2008

Uk flexible working request

Lady has a baby and wants to get back to work, a popular choice is a flexible working request. That's ok as an employer lets make it work; things change and priorities are adjusted.

Flexible working is not fixing hours to 10 to 16 when the role is customer facing and non-predictable.
Flexible working is not fixing Mon-Wed when 4/8 of UK bank holidays always land on a Monday and whining for paid days off in lieu when asked to work Tues-Thurs on Bank holiday weeks.

Lets not take the micky, if you want flexible working, don't count the minutes, build a fantastic contribution that makes you so valuable every one wants a piece.


- - Follow-up Turns out that things are working better than thought it. Once a suitable project had been identified and specific measurable goals had been set the arrangement has worked out reasonably well.

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